Parent Testimonials

"My daughter loved the year she spent at the preschool, and was well prepared to start kindergarten.  My son is currently in the Green class, and asks to go to preschool every morning.  He is learning his letters, and starting to understand what sounds they make and what words can be spelled with each letter.  He is developing a sense of sharing, and understanding how to follow directions and a routine.  Most importantly, he loves his teachers and his friends!  The Preschool is such a wonderful place for a child to start the school experience!"
Kristine O., Dunstable MA

"Mrs. S. and Mrs. Cowgill provide a warm and enriching teaching environment. Volunteering in the classroom, I experienced firsthand the wonderful rapport they build with each child.  During my daughter’s two years at the school, I saw her grow socially and develop the important skills necessary for kindergarten.  I can’t speak highly enough about their program!" Veronica B., Dunstable, MA    

"My 2 boys went through the Pre-School, as well many of my nieces and nephews -- one as long ago as 23 years ago. They still remember Mrs. S. and Mrs. Cowgill and talk of how much they loved them. They made the kids comfortable and really did care about each and every one of them. To me that's important when sending a child off to preschool: knowing they are going to be cared for as well as receive a wonderful learning experience." Sandy D., Dunstable, MA

“I was thrilled when the school revised its second-year curriculum to be a Pre-Kindergarten program. The new materials offered an interesting and stimulating experience for my son, and really helped prepare him to enter Kindergarten. I think it’s great to be part of a school where parents and teachers work together to provide a positive first school experience for children.”   Christine M., Dunstable, MA

“My daughter was painfully shy and soft spoken.  I’m certain that it is the warm and caring environment here that helped her transform into the confident and outgoing preschooler she is today.  I have no doubts that she will be ready for Kindergarten this fall.” Renae M., Pepperell, MA

"My niece and nephew attended the Pre-School in the early 90's and fondly remember their experience. Mrs. S. and Mrs. Cowgill are knowledgeable, compassionate teachers who provide an inviting and nurturing environment. It has been a very positive and enriching experience for my child and for me! My son has blossomed academically and socially. I've been privileged to participate in his learning and to meet a wonderful community of parents with which to share this important chapter in my son's life."  Kathy S., Dunstable, MA 

“Both my sons attended and I am so thankful that their first experiences with school were with Mrs. S and Mrs. Cowgill.  Their kindness and creative teaching helped my boys to love being at school.  They were very well prepared for Kindergarten.”   Lauren L., Hollis, NH

"This school is the best start on the long road of school I could have asked for!  Both my children were very happy there for 2 years each.  They were treated with kindness, respect and learned to treat others with the same kindness and respect that they were given. The academics were age appropriate, challenging and presented in a fun positive way.  I can not say enough about how good an experience this was in every way." Sue L., Pepperell, MA